Austria Update: Lexie Rice

Austria Update: Lexie Rice

Mar 14

This journey so far is one that will change my life forever. The moment I got off the plane from the nine hour flight, I was immediately intoxicated by the Austrian atmosphere. The Austrian manner was so noticeably different from America’s. Aspects like the signs written in German, the rules of the road, all the way down to the pavement of the streets. We started off our trip by being the first

high school choir to sing the Mozart Requiem in its entirety at the St.Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. That was an amazing feat in itself. Paying audience members and the orchestra players were so impressed by the quality of our choir, that there was an enormous applause continuing even after we walked off the stage. Tears were running down our faces and the audience’s faces. I left the cathedral feeling as if that experience alone was enough to last a life time and that I could fly back home right now feeling more than satisfied. Then I remembered that we have eight more days in this beautiful country! The next day we took a tour of Vienna and learned a lot of history about this city and the musicians that lived in it. At one point we stopped to sing in the Josefsplatz court yard of the Hofburg Palace. Our performance attracted a crowd of people. Our sound filled the entire courtyard, and rang throughout the city when we were finished. I can proudly say that Staley High School has left its mark on Austria. Our first few experiences the past two days have been amazing, and I’m so excited to continue on this journey!

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