OCTOBER 2 (Sat) – All-district choir auditions; time TBD, North Kansas City High School (Participating students)

OCTOBER 5 (Tues) – Grease auditions (Grease participants only)

OCTOBER 12-15 (Tues-Fri) – Grease rehearsals (Grease participants only)

OCTOBER 18-20 (Mon-Wed) – Grease rehearsals (Grease participants only)

Grease Schedule (subject to change)

OCTOBER 21 (Thur) – Grease rehearsal 2:45-4pm (Grease participants only)

5:30PM Dress Rehearsal; 7pm Fall Concert, PAC (ALL CHOIRS)

OCTOBER 22 (Fri) – Grease rehearsal 2:45-5pm (Grease participants only)

OCTOBER 23 – Grease “Work day” 12-4pm (Grease participants only)

OCTOBER 25 (Mon) – All-State Choir auditions, Lee’s Summit High School, 6:30-9pm (Participating students)


                                   – All district SATB choir, TTBB, and SSAA choir rehearsal, Lee’s Summit High School, 7-9pm                                             (Participating students)

OCTOBER 25-27 (Mon-Wed) – Grease rehearsal 2:45-5pm

OCTOBER 26 (Tues) – KC Metro Honor Choir Festival, William Jewel College (ALL DAY, PARTICIPATING STUDENTS)

CHANGED!!! OCTOBER 27 (Wed) – 4:45pm dress rehearsal, 7pm Feeder Concert, PAC (FALCON CHORALE, POTENTIALLY OTHER CHOIRS)

OCTOBER 28 (Thur) – 5pm Haunted Hallways (Grease participants)

OCTOBER 30 – Grease “Work day” 12-4pm (Grease participants)

NOVEMBER 1-5 (Mon-Fri) – Grease rehearsal 2:45-5pm (Grease participants)

NOVEMBER 6 – Grease “Work day” 12-4pm (Grease participants)

NOVEMBER 8-12 (Mon-Fri – Grease rehearsal 2:45-5:30pm (Grease participants)

NOVEMBER 13 – Grease “Work day” 12-4pm (Grease participants)

NOVEMBER 15-17 (Mon-Wed) – Grease DRESS rehearsal 2:45-6pm (Grease participants)

NOVEMBER 18-20 (Mon-Wed) – Grease PERFORMANCES 7pm (Grease participants)

NOVEMBER 23 (Tues) – Chipotle Tour (ALL MEN, All Day)

DECEMBER 9 (Thur) – Holiday Concert with Newmark Middle School, PAC (CHAMBER CHOIR ONLY)

DECEMBER 12 (Sun) – 4pm Concert in Lawrence, KS (CHAMBER CHOIR ONLY)

DECEMBER 14 (Tues) – 5pm Dress Rehearsal; 7pm Holiday Concert, PAC (ALL CHOIRS)

JANUARY 11 (Tues) – 4-6:40pm All-State Choir rehearsal, Blue Springs High School (PARTICIPATING STUDENTS)

JANUARY 18 (Tues) – 4-6:40pm All-State Choir rehearsal, Blue Springs High School (PARTICIPATING STUDENTS)

JANUARY 21 (Fri) IF NECESSARY – 4-6:40pm All-State Choir make-up rehearsal, Blue Springs High School (PARTICIPATING STUDENTS)

FEBRUARY 17-21 (Thur-Mon) – Aspen trip (CHAMBER CHOIR ONLY)

MARCH 1 (Tues) – NKC A Capella Festival, PAC (FALCON CHORALE ONLY)

MARCH 3 (Thur) – 7pm- Pre-Festival Concert, PAC (ALL CHOIRS)

MARCH 5 (Sat) – Spring Concert at Redemptorist Catholic Church (CHAMBER CHOIR ONLY) – stay tuned for any updates

MARCH 6 (Sun) – Possible Chamber Choir concert in Des Moines, IA (CHAMBER CHOIR ONLY) – stay tuned for updates

MARCH 9 & 10 (Wed & Thur) – MSHSAA State Large Group Festival, Staley High School (ALL CHOIRS, ALL ATTENDANCE REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS)

MARCH 26 (Sat) – Vocal solo and ensemble Festival, Liberty High School (ONLY THOSE INVOLVED)

APRIL 7 (Thur) – Orchestra State Large Group (student leadership for A+) (ALL CHOIRS ON THE READY)

APRIL 29 (Fri) – State Solo and Ensemble competition, Columbia, MO (Only those who qualify for district)

MAY 9-13 (Mon-Fri): Emerald City Week (EVERYTHING IN PAC)

-Monday May 9, Freshman: 2:30-3:15pm, Varsity Choir: 3:30-4:15pm, Treble Choir: 4:30-5:15pm, Falcon Chorale 5:30-6:15pm, Chamber Choir: 6:30-7:15pm

-Tuesday May 10, Solo dress rehearsal: 2:30-7:00pm (SOLOISTS ONLY)

-Wednesday May 11, Dress rehearsal: 2:30-7:30pm (ALL CHOIRS)

Thursday and Friday May 12 & 13 – Emerald City Production: Dress rehearsal 5:30pm; 7pm concerts PAC (ALL CHOIRS)

iCal link: Staley